Supported by Brazil Export Magazine

How will it work?

Due to its live online format, it is an outstanding project that encompasses:

In the morning:

Open hall for virtual visitation to stands and the exhibition area.
ROUND TABLE (from 9:00 am to 11:30 am) involving:
- Brazil x Spain Commercial Relations
- Highlight for fruit and vegetable sector
- Business opportunities available to everyone

Specific topics:
* Brazil-Spain bilateral trade
* Packaging
* Logistics
* Production automation
* Cost optimization

Chat interaction between speakers and visitors.

In the afternoon:

An initial live presentation followed by lectures (recorded) and videos ending through a debate.
Beginning at 2:00 pm and ending at 7:00 pm (Brasília time).
Simultaneous translation from Portuguese to English.
The event will be completely free of charge.
Just fill out the form below and participate.

Why hold the forum?

BRAZIL EXPORT Magazine has participated in Fairs and Events for 51 years.
At this current time, the Magazine could not help but support this special event focused on Brazilian Foreign Trade.


The forum will be live and online. You will accompany everything from the comfort of your home or office.


April 29, 2021.


The event will be completely free of charge. Just fill out the form below and participate.

Confirmed Speakers

Round Table - 9:00 am to 11:30 am (Brasilia time)
Brazil-Spain Commercial Relations
"Focus on the Fruit and Vegetable Sector"

Perfil de Claudio Pinheiro

Claudio Pinheiro

CEO of Brazil Export Magazine
Event's opening
Perfil de Jose Maria Pozancos

Jose Maria Pozancos

General Director FEPEX
Perfil de Mar Chao

Mar Chao

Director of the Puertos del Estado
Perfil de Jorge M. Casas Chiné

Jorge M. Casas Chiné

Vice Chairman of AGROSTOCK
Perfil de Raúl Calleja

Raúl Calleja

Fruit Attraction Director
Perfil de Guilherme Coelho

Guilherme Coelho

Chairman of ABRAFRUTAS
Perfil de Coronel Mello Araujo

Colonel Mello Araujo

Perfil de Jean Marcel Fernandes

Jean Marcel Fernandes

Director of the Department of International Agribusiness Promotion - MAPA
Perfil de José Ricardo Roriz Coelho

José Ricardo Roriz Coelho

Perfil de Belén Garcia Fernandez

Belén Garcia Fernandez

Director of Technological Platform for Packing and Packaging (PACKNET)
Perfil de Jose Luis Molina

Jose Luis Molina

Chairman of the Smart agro group of AMETIC, and Chairman of HISPATEC
Perfil de Manoel Oliveira

Manoel Oliveira

Executive Director - IBRAHORT

Confirmed Speakers - 14:00 am to 19:00 am (Brasilia time)

Perfil de Claudio Pinheiro

Claudio Pinheiro

CEO of Brazil Export Magazine
Topic: Event's opening
14:00 pm (Brasilia time)

See Resume Summary

Perfil de Marvo Hupe

Marco Hupe

Civil engineer
Perfil de Raúl Calleja

Raúl Calleja

Director of Agrifood Events at IFEMA ("Feria de Madrid", one of the main fair promoters in Europe)
Topic: The 10 advantages of new hybrid formats for trade events
14:15 pm (Brasilia time)

See Resume Summary

Perfil de Abdala Jamil Abdala

Abdala Jamil Abdala

Chairman of Francal Feiras and chairman of the Board of Directors of Ubrafe (Brazilian Union of Trade Fair Promoters)
Topic: Fairs: The driving force behind business and economic development
14:30 pm (Brasilia time)

See Resume Summary

Perfil de Ana Kreter

Ana Kreter

Director of Kreter Events
Topic: Challenges and opportunities for the insertion of socio-biodiversity products in Europe
14:45 pm (Brasilia time)

See Resume Summary

Perfil de Alex Amorim

Alex Amorim

Special Secretary for Foreign Trade and International Affairs of the Ministry of Economy
Topic: Perspectives of Brazilian foreign trade and issues related to global trade
15:00 pm (Brasilia time)
Perfil de Lisandro Vieira

Lisandro Vieira

Founder and CEO of the WTM International Group and specialist in International Payments
Topic: How can Brazil become a protagonist in service exports?
15:15 pm (Brasilia time)

See Resume Summary

Perfil de Ronnie Pimentel

Ronnie Pimentel

Representative of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI)
Topic: Reducing bureaucracy and facilitating foreign trade: the view of Brazilian industry
15:30 pm (Brasilia time)
Perfil de Arthur Pimentel

Arthur Pimentel

Vice chairman of the Brazilian Foreign Trade Association - AEB
Topic: The insertion of small and medium-sized companies in international market - Success histories
15:45 pm (Brasilia time)

See Resume Summary

Perfil de Vinicius Estrela

Vinicius Estrela

Apex-Brasil representative in the Southeast Region
Topic: Actions and Perspectives of Apex-Brasil for 2021
16:00 pm (Brasilia time)

Ver Mini Biografia

Perfil de Marco Aurélio Soares

Marco Aurélio Soares

Director of MYON Shipping
Topic: Important logistical procedures to export to Europe
16:15 (Brasilia time)
Perfil de Leonardo Enge

Leonardo Enge

General Coordinator for Trade Promotion of the Secretariat for Foreign Trade and Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Topic: Itamaraty's (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) new structure for trade promotion and the SECOM (Special Secretariat for Social Communication) network
16:30 pm (Brasilia time)

See Resume Summary

Perfil de Coronel Ricardo Mello Araujo

Coronel Ricardo Mello Araujo

Topic: the largest supply center in Latin America in terms of trade volume
16:45 pm (Brasilia time)

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Event already held on 04/29
Exhibition hall and Pit Stop open for free visitation until 05/14.


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